Straight Stair Lift Installation Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville Stair Lift has been working in the stairlift industry for more than 30 years now. We have some of the best people working for us who know how to make straight stairlift for people with mobility issues.

Our specialist Mobility experts will help you to classify which lifts are ideally tailored to your unique requirements. Instead of going through the wall next to the stairway, the stairlifts are not popularly assumed. That means you still have a staircase compliant with a lift machine, no matter whether you have an open staircase or railings on both sides. Stairlifts are delivered in a number of widths according to consumer specifications. The majority of the lifts need just about 29′′ space, which modern staircases can easily accommodate. In the case of non-use, the chairs, armrests, and feet are pushed against the wall to optimize the space of the available escalator. Jacksonville Stair Lift is powered by batteries but needs access to a regular outlet to charge the battery of the device. A fully charged escalator lift can continue to work until the reserved charge is drained in case of a power outage.
A lift can help alleviate mobility difficulties for older and disabled people. We find it more difficult to get around as we grow old. For both the elderly and caregivers, a reduction in autonomy may be traumatic. Mobility issues can be a huge challenge for the aged and can lead to psychiatric and social problems.

The construction of a stairlift may help alleviate these effects. Our straight stairlift is affordable to install and is perfect for most households and assistant living facilities. These stairlifts easily transport people with no matter the elevation, length or width of the stair.

With a stair lift, elderly and people with mobility issues won’t have to confine themselves to the ground floor or certain part of the house. They can easily move around the home and be more active. It helps them stay entertained and feel more involved.

Experts agree that slip avoidance is the first priority in caring for the elderly. With a lift, one is far less likely to slip downstairs.

A major project is not required. Installation of stairlifts in every stairway – whether it be tile, concrete, steel or wood – is fast and simple. No major construction is need and it far more affordable than elevator and escalator options.

Jacksonville Stair Lift has been installing stairlifts for more than 30 years. Our stairlifts have been loved by customers. They are comfortable and easy to operate. They do not obstruct stair and can be easily taken up and down the stair without much hassle.

If you have someone with mobility issues living in the house or know someone living in a house with mobility issues, we recommend stairlift installation. The installation process is hassle-free.

Let us know if you want to install a stairlift in your or someone else’s house, nursing home, hospital, commercial business, senior living center, rehabilitation facility or any other location. We will give you a free estimate and consultation.

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Our company serves commercial and residential properties to make their living areas more accessible. With a straight stairlift, you can install the stairlift outdoors or indoors without having to worry about the efficiency of the lift. We offer a variety of straight and curved stairlift rails that you can choose from. If you are not sure a lift will work for you, call for a consultation. We are happy to answer any questions and assist you today.